Walk in Abraham Lincoln's Footsteps...Ride on America's Road - Route 66!
Souvenir Store

Abraham Lincoln Silkscreen Portraits - Limited edition, signed and numbered, serigraph (silk screen print).  This exquisite work of art has the potential to become a collector's item.  Each one is individually hand printed on acid-free paper and is not subject to deterioration or yellowing with age.

Price - $100 each

Abraham Lincoln Silkscreen Greeting Cards - Limited edition serigraph (silk screen print) greeting cards with a message inside.  These cards are a gift to treasure.

Price - $3 each

Abraham Lincoln Tourism Bureau of Logan County Travel Mugs - These plastic, insulated mugs make taking your drink on the road easier.  Be it coffee, tea, water, or soda, these mugs will keep your drink hot or cold.  Each one is designed with the Abraham Lincoln Tourism Bureau of Logan County logo on the side, so you can support tourism in our community, or show to others the wonderful places you have been.

Price - $4 each

Route 66 Neon Clocks - This hubcap style wall clock shows off your love of the Main Street of America.  The Route 66 logo replaces the 12 position on the clock, and the hands are affixed to a map of the United States with Route 66 outlined in red.  Around the inside of the clockâ€ôs rim are color-changing lights, sure to attract the attention of anyone looking for the time.

Price - $60 each

Postcards - Take a look at a variety of postcards showing points of interest, and/or Abe Lincoln, throughout Logan County.

Price - $1ea.

Abraham Lincoln Pins - Display your Lincoln pride with this Abraham Lincoln pin.  Displaying a bust of our 16th President, this pin will show your pride in being from the city christened by the Great Emancipator.

Price - $2 each

Route 66 Postcards - These collectable, postcard style, information cards cover two historic Route 66 Icons of Logan County.  The first describes the history of the Mill, and the second, the Pig Hip Museum.  All proceeds go to the Route 66 Heritage Foundation of Logan County to support their efforts to Save the Mill.

Price - $2 each

Courthouse Pins - Show your support of the Historic Logan County Courthouse with these collectable centennial pins.  Beautiful gold and blue design.

Price - $5 each

Kit-Cat Clocks - These USA Made clocks will take you back in time.  Several styles are currently available, including Jeweled Lady Kit-Cat Clocks (sky blue and plum), Jeweled Kit-Cat Clocks (black and red),  75th Anniversary (black and red), Jeweled 75th Anniversary (black and red), Route 66 Special Edition (black), and Classic (black).

Jeweled - $69.99 each
75th Anniversary - $49.99 each
Route 66 - $49.99 each
Original - $39.99 each 

Route 66 T-Shirts - Three Route 66 designs are now available at the Information Station.  We have Route 66 Wings (M, L, XL), Route 66 Highway (S, L, XL), and Mother Road Names/Scripts (M, L, XL)

Price - $14.99 each 

Kit-Cat T-Shirts - This comical design features Kit-Cat's campaign for president.  Available in M, L, & XL

Price - $14.99 each

Route 66 Buttons - These buttons show your love of the Mother Road.  Available in small, medium, or large buttons, there are several designs. 
Large buttons come in white or black with the IL 66 shield, or black with the IL 66 shield outlined and lettered in white. 
Medium buttons come in white or black with the IL 66 shield, black with the IL 66 shield outlined and lettered in white, or in tan with the Historic US 66 shield.
Small buttons come in white with the IL 66 shield, tan with the Historic US 66 shield, all black with white lettering with the IL 66 shield or black with IL, KS, AZ, NM, OK, TX, CA, or MO shield. 

Large - $1.50 each
Medium - $1.00 each
Small - $0.75 each or a state set of 8 for 

Abe Lincoln Placemats - Once only available through the Lincoln Savings and Loan, these beautiful full color placemats are reproductions of Abraham Lincoln scenes taken from paintings by Lloyd Ostendorf. Each placemat features a different scene, including the christening of Lincoln, Lincoln at the Mt. Pulaski Courthouse, Lincoln the lawyer, and Lincoln the president. 

Price - $15.00 per set of 8 

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