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New Holland, IL
GPS - 40°11’02.5 N 089°34’58.3 W
(217) 445-2377
This unique attraction in New Holland was originally a jail house,
but was later turned into a library. The cells are still there.
*Call for hours. Closed during winter months.

Vin Fiz Landing
North of Middletown
GPS - 40°06’26.6 N 089°35’33.6 W
(217) 445-2050
The historic fl ight of the Vin Fiz was the fi rst air crossing of the
United States. The small airplane landed in Middletown on October
9, 1911. The sign is located at the Dunlap House, a former stagecoach stop, just off the town square.

Chestnut, IL
GPS - 40°03’09.9 N 089°11’05.1 W
(217) 732-8687
A monument stands in the village park of Chestnut, designating
the community as the Geographical Center of Illinois.

Bethel One Room Schoolhouse
3 Miles from US Rt. 136 between
Emden & Atlanta on County Road 20
GPS - 40°17’38.1 N 089°23’39.1 W
(217) 376-3859
An icon of days past, this one-room schoolhouse has been
restored by the Emden Historical Society. Open by appointment.

Bi-Plane / Train Race Marker
Mt. Pulaski, IL
GPS - 40°00’25.3 N 089°17’12.1 W
(217) 792-3719
This marker describes the famous
race between a Wright Brothers
airplane and a train. The plane
landed in Mt. Pulaski and set
two world records.

Kickapoo Town
Lincoln, IL
GPS - 40°08’19.5 N 089°23’48.6 W
(217) 732-8687
The history of Logan County goes back to the period of the
glaciers and the time of the Native Americans. The Kickapoo tribe
located a village here.

Langston Hughes Poem Marker
Corner of Union & Eighth Street • Lincoln, IL
GPS - 40°09’01.6 N 089°22’08.3 W
(217) 732-8687
This renowned poet wrote his first poem at Central School in honor of his teacher and classmates.

William Maxwell Boyhood Home
184 9th Street • Lincoln, IL
GPS - 40°09’10.6 N 089°22’26.8 W
(217) 732-8687
Birthplace and boyhood home of this famous author, who based many of his stories on his childhood memories of Lincoln, Illinois.

The Niebuhr Family of Theologians,
St. John’s United Church of Christ
Maple & 7th Street • Lincoln, IL
GPS - 40°08’96.6 N 089°22’15.9 W
(217) 732-6957
The Niebuhr family, called “the Trapp family of theology” by Time
Magazine, produced four distinguished professors of Christian
studies. This marker describes the Niebuhr family'’s contributions
to religious education and the community.
Rinehold Niebuhr was the author if the well-known "Serenity Prayer."

Lincoln College University Hall
300 Keokuk Street • Lincoln, IL
GPS - 40°09’39.0 N 089°21’69.4 W
(217) 735-5050
Lincoln College was founded and named for President Lincoln
on his last living birthday with his full knowledge and consent.
University Hall is now a National Historic landmark.

Lincoln Heritage Museum at Lincoln College
Abraham Lincoln artifacts, 9/11 Exhibit, Presidential museum.
300 Keokuk St. Lincoln, IL
217-732-3155 x295

Heritage in Flight Museum
1351 Airport Road • Lincoln, IL
GPS - 40°09’33.1 N 089°20’14.2 W
(217) 732-3333
Aviation & Military items dating back to WWI.
*Call for Hours.

Logan County Genealogical & Historical
Society’s Abraham Lincoln Room
(217) 732-3200
*Call for Hours.

Odd Fellows Museum (I.O.O.F.)
845 Wyatt Avenue • Lincoln, IL
GPS - 40°08’21.8 N 089°21’36.9 W
(217) 735-2561
Local & International Odd Fellows artifacts, including those from the
Odd Fellows Children’s Home in Lincoln.
*Call for Hours.

Knapp-Chestnut-Becker Library & Museum
101 S. Clinton • Middletown, IL
GPS - 40°06’02.0 N 089°35’49.8 W
(217) 445-2050
Middletown & Abraham Lincoln artifacts.
*Call for Hours.

Palms Grill & Atlanta Museum
110 SW Arch Street • Atlanta, IL
GPS - 40°15’37.6 N 089°13’53.9 W
(217) 648-5077 www.atlantaillinois.org
The Palms Grill café was a restaurant in Atlanta during the
height of Route 66. The building has been revitalized and is now open
once more as a restaurant and museum.

J.H. Hawes Grain Elevator & Museum
301 SW 2nd Street • Atlanta, IL
GPS - 40°15’38.7 N 089°14’00.8 W
(217) 648-5077 or (217) 648-2056
The J. H. Hawes Elevator was in operation from 1903 until
1976. This is the only fully restored, wooden grain elevator
in Illinois listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Emden Community Museum
301 Lincoln Street • Emden, IL
GPS - 40°17’55.1 N 089°29’05.6 W
(217) 376-3859
Local historical and Lincoln era artifacts.
*Call for Hours.

Mount Pulaski Township Historical Museum
Local historical artifacts, Abraham Lincoln artifacts.
104 S. Cooke St. Mt. Pulaski
(217) 792-3719
*Call for Hours.

Whistle Stop Library and Historic Train Depot
Emden, IL
The library serves both children and adults in the community. Project
head, LaDonna Gass was the 2009 recipient of a Studs Terkel
Humanities Service award for her work and dedication with this
great library and her lasting contribution to cultural life in Emden.
(217) 737-8029
*Call for Hours.

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