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Agritourism in Logan County

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The Self-Guided Logan County Ag Tour!

Take a drive through historic Logan County and view the picturesque farmland, including barns, elevators and much more.  Each location is pictured on the left, complete with a short description.  Click on the picture to get a larger view. 

Some sites require advance notice before touring, and some attractions are only available as a drive by site.  Contact the Tourism Bureau at 217-732-8687 for details. 

Use the map below to help you plan your trip, sites are listed by city, from the north side of the county moving south.

Bethel School - This one room schoolhouse that stands outside of Emden, Illinois is a throwback to an earlier era.  For years this school sat vacant and fell into disrepair, but the Emden Historical Society has rennovated and rejuvinated the school.  Now open for tours, by appointment, this building shows the environment in which young people learned so many years ago.  Call Robert Cross at 217-376-3859 for more information.  Located one mile South of the Hopedale turnoff on 136, 2.5 miles east of I-155 Interchange.
Emden Elevator - Though located in a very small town, this elevator is anything but.  The scale house is dwarfed by the massive towers of concrete and metal designed to store the grain. 217-376-3405
Hartsburg FS - Located outside of Hartsburg, this is a centrally located FS facility.
Hartsburg Red Barn - Check out this nifty looking barn outside of Hartsburg!  There aren't many left like this.
J.H. Hawes Elevator & Museum - This historic building is one of the oldest surviving wooden elevators and has been turned into a museum where you can learn how grain was processed in years past. It is the only wooden elevator in Illinois named to the National Register. (www.haweselevator.org/)  (Open on Sundays from 1 PM - 3 PM during June, July, and August.  All other times, call 217-648-2056 or 217-648-5077 to schedule a tour.)
Hoblit Seed - One of largest seed corn companies in Illinois has its home here in Logan County.  Located outside of Atlanta, Call 217-648-2392 for information.  (Open during regular office hours.)
The Hoblit Barn - This barn is located on the Hoblit Seed Farm outside of Atlanta. Call 217-648-2392.
Central Illinois Ag - Located in Atlanta, this is one of the largest farm implement stores in the county.  (200 E. Sharon St., Atlanta.  217-648-2307)  Open during regular business hours.
Lawndale Elevator - Located off Historic Route 66 in Lawndale (between Lincoln and Atlanta), this historic elevator features the old Faultless Feed sign, still readable after all these years.
Plastic Farm - Located on Peoria Road (New Holland - Middletown Blacktop) between Fifth Street Road and New Holland.  This unique collection of plastic animals has made the Harnakee Farm a local attraction for years.
White's Brick Barn - This brick barn is located on Route 10 outside of New Holland on the White property.
Cross Brothers Implement - Located on Route 10 at the edge of New Holland, this John Deere dealership has been a local landmark for many years.
Burtonview Elevator - While driving from New Holland to Lincoln on Route 10 about the only landmark you'll see is this elevator, stoically standing tall and steady.
Cobb Plant - Located off of Illinois Route 10 on 1800th Avenue, just east of Lincoln Christian College.  This plant takes corn cobbs and recycles them into usable products.  (Drive by site.)
Lincoln Farmer's Market - Located in Scully Park (Lincoln, IL), this local farmer's market runs from May 1st to the end of October on Saturdays (7 AM to 12 PM) and Wednesdays (4 PM to 6:30 PM).  Products include fresh and dried flowers, honey, baked goods, and fresh produce from local growers.  Call 217-871-0666 or visit www.lincolnfarmersmarket.org for more information.
Logan County University of Illinois Extension - This building is located near the Logan County Fairgrounds. Staff members provide a vast array of information, as well as overseeing the local 4-H program.
Sunken Corn Crib - Though it might be unusual to put a barn/corn crib in this condition on an agricultural tour, this corn crib is a local icon standing outside of Lincoln on Fifth Street Road.  While the building is falling apart, it's structure has withheld the weather of decades even after sinking partially into the ground after a storm.
Gail's Pumpkin Patch - Located on Central Point Road, this is the ideal place to find carving pumpkins for Halloween.  The patch is locally owned and family opperated.  (www.gailspumpkinpatch.com)  Open Sep. 15 - Oct 31.  1:00 PM - 6:00 PM Monday through Friday & Sunday, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM on Saturday.
Beason Elevator - This old country elevator, located in Beason, has been running since 1917!  Be sure and visit the historical Beason Display inside the elevator office. Click here to view a picture of the display.  (Open during regular office hours.)
Bakerville - This majestic smokestack is all that remains of one of Logan County's first industries.  Samuel Baker started the sawmill, gristmill and brick factory after the Civil War.  The factory ran from 1866 to 1935.  Three homes from the Baker Family still stand today, and all three are made from bricks from this factory. Click here to view the plaque.  Located one mile north of Chestnut on a winding road following Salt Creek (1025th St.).  (Drive up site.)
Chestnut Ag - This large elevator stands behind the geographical center of the state. Located on Route 54 between Mt. Pulaski and Clinton.
Geocenter - A letter from the Illinois State Geological Survey, signed by the Chief of National Resources and the Chief of Environmental Geology and Geo Chemistry, notified the city of Chestnut that they are the center of the state.  A monument stands in the village park and common in honor of this distinction.  Located on Route 54 between Mt. Pulaski and Clinton.
Chestnut Prairie Farm Green Barn - Located at 1100th St. (County Highway 29) off of County Highway 6 in Chestnut.  Take a look at this uniquely designed barn!  Drive by only. 
Lisa's Cafe - This charming country cafe located in Chestnut, Illinois, caters to the early rising farmers of the area.  Opening at 6 AM Monday through Saturday they're open for dinners only on Thursday and Friday.  However, if you're interested in a good homecooked meal, stop in at Lisa's and you won't be disappointed.
Cooper's Hog Farm - Located at 1250th Ave. in rural Mt. Pulaski, this is the county's largest hog farm.  Open during office hours.
Pine Lodge Farm Barn - Check out this barn, located at the corner of 900th Ave. and 550th St. in rural Mt. Pulaski (901 550th St.).  The barn was built in 1837 and is still in great condition.  Drive by or call for appointment.
Mt. Pulaski Brick Barn - Similar in style to the White Barn, this barn is located outside of Mt. Pulaski, Illinois.
Robert Buckles Round Barn - This interesting study in archetecture is located in rural Mt. Pulaski off of Route 121 South, turn West onto 1750th Avenue, South of Mt. Pulaski.  (Drive by only)
Elkhart Elevator - One of the largest grain storage facilities in the county, the Elkhart elevator sits right beside Historic Route 66 and is a monument to the farmers who's grain fills the towers. Click on the following links for more pictures: Picture 1, Picture 2
Viper Mine - Located in rural Elkhart, Illinois, this mine has been in operation for many years.  One of Logan County's largest natural resource mines.  (Open during regular business hours)
Latham Depot - Picturesque depot museum located in Latham.  Drive by or by appointment.
Latham Elevator - Located in Latham, Illinois off of Route 121, South of Mt. Pulaski.  Near the "Korn Krib" restaurant. 
Lake Fork Elevator - Check out this elevator in Lake Fork, Illinois, near the border of Logan County
Cornland - The name says it all!

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